The Corridors

Silence encompasses my mind and blankets my thoughts,
The corridors speaks the same language as my mind.

Heart thumping fast and the breathing goes high,
The masks tend to make you feel breathless and there is a sad sigh.

You hear your thoughts slowly become concoted,
even the real imagination is a hoax.

A sudden breeze of unwavering thoughts come flooding in,
Traumatized and parched a blot of a sanguine appears.

Palpitations are not so tenacious at this time of rumination,
The sanguine blot lessens the pain analogously.

Suddenly the corridor is filled with people and the mind with utopia,
The blanketed thoughts slowly open up to the new horizons and possibilities.

Some thoughts still stay at some part of my head trying to figure out the why’s of things,
The corridor undeniably speaks the language of the ones who are lost and the ones who have found themselves.

Until next time,
live…love…breathe & wear your masks.

Aishwarya Mane

Season’s Greetings

As we wait for the winter to come, we frantically wait for the bleak October heat to end. Unlike the changing seasons, turns out that humans and relationships tend to change their phases too as they take a step forward to construct or destruct. Over the years, this has definitely taken a turn – either good or bad. The thing to think about is that how the human heart takes time to heal and the brain directs it do so. Healing and hurting at the same time is definitely wearying and sapping but there is a sunrise after every sunset, right? We tend to oversee ourselves in a situation and somehow feel that we can never get out of it – elated. Let me tell you, that’s not true as JK Rowling has quoted it and Sir Albus Dumbledore has said it in the Prisoner of Azkaban that “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

For most of us, we usually are in denial and the fact that no one can get us out of that, except for us can be trapping. Seasons change, the environment changes , the kind of food people consume changes , the clothes they wear , the hot/cold beverages they prefer , the vacation destination changes and there are a lot of other things, right? So, what do we do ?We basically adapt to the changes around ,live it in peace and move on with a positive hope. Now just imagine if we do the same in a relationship or probably with ourselves. I mean , we tend to adjust ourselves basis on the situations around to protect ourselves. Why can’t we do the same in a relation when its probably fading or hitting a patch where there is transformation from hot to cold ? If there are things bothering which are not in our control , all we can do is to hope for the best. Then there are human relationships – either with each other or with your own self but the good part is that we can make things work here. Again , making things work are only for the non-toxic relations ,is worth . Staying in a toxic one and expecting things to get back to normal is just like expecting covid-19 to end after one month of lockdown. Deepak Chopra has quoted that “All great changes are preceded by chaos” so why wait for the storm to calm when you know you are the hurricane.

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Adjusting and settling to a new season and a surrounding may be difficult at first but what we don’t know is that we are in a zone where nothing is constant but change is one . We may feel that the efforts we put in a relationship or to save a relationship is worthless because the person leaves but never realize that the good part is that we tried unlike the other who gave up and walked away. Agreed, relationships do change like seasons these days and that is because people are usually scared if its snows in the midst of a sunny hot summer . It’s up to you whether to make a snowman or not make it in the fear of the sun meting it down.

Stay Safe my lovely readers.

Until next time ,

Live…Love…Positivity…Breathe !!!

Aishwarya Mane

An Estrange Situation

silhouette photography of group of people jumping during golden time
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The times are rough and lockdown has extended,

Fix the broken and work on something that needs to be mended.

Be it you, a situation, a relationship or a person,

Help with optimism and make it shine like a sun.

The sun goes down and rises up again,

Be proud of how you fought against that pain.

The pain broke you and it fixed you back,

Situations and people change leaving you a bit crack.

Life doesn’t stop but people do change,

For better or for worse, you are the one to estrange.

“Why don’t you just be yourself? … No one can help but admire your spirit.

Suzzane Collins

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Live… Laugh…Breathe !!!

Aishwarya Mane

A path to think of !!

You are walking towards this wonderful destination with all merriment and gloominess around.

You have that someone with you and you feel you have everything until one day ….You are still heading towards the destination but you feel like you are taking the wrong path or heading the wrong way or taken a wrong road.

All you can do is try to waddle your hands and legs to come out of the chaos that is in your mind,but unfortunately, you can’t.

Just can’t.

You then realise that you’ve been carrying the burden all this while so much that you forgot how together meant.

It was all about that one person who wanted to head towards that way but needed a support and you were the means.

You may not only be a part of the destination but also a path for the someone to arrive there.

You slowly realise that giving up everything you had was the biggest wrong you’ve done for yourself.

You then decide to slowly walk away because finally you come in terms with reality and realise how important it is to take care of yourself first and then the other.

Everything and everyone is meant to teach you some of the other thing,be it a life changing lesson or a hard hitting reality.

Being into something that kills you mentally will not help you to cope with the smallest of the real life problems.It will,infact start questioning if there are  right things ahead of you.

And why?

Because you were so busy devoting all your energy  to someone who saw you as a means of their peace and not really gave a flying fuck about what you needed rather than wanted .

Time and consideration for others feelings are important but not at the cost of giving yours up.


Till then,

Live…Laugh…Breathe !!!

Aishwarya Mane


Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.

Neil Gaiman, Fables & Reflections

Once upon a Quarantine

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Far away from home, he lay aloof on his bed,

Only wanting to be caressed with love and an emotional thread.

3 steps office and 7 steps home,

Was his story of a routine with a very low tone.

That touch was missing and the beach evenings were gone,

How can I survive this quarantine without by not holding her on?

Lazing on my bed and thinking yet again,

Booked my flight, packed my bags, and headed towards my den.

I stood at the door with hiatus and happiness,

The only thing I’ll miss is her face.

Quarantine is a phase and so is this existence,

I’m happy to be still alive even after the whole god damned distance.

Live, Love , Breathe !!!

Aishwarya Mane



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