The Unexpected Believer !!

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Just another customary day at work.


And, about work….It was the same….BEST (Well that’s my honest definition of BEST)

  • BOISTEROUS (always)
  • ENGROSSING (ofcourse)
  • SUBLIME ( oh yessss)
  • TOILSOME (at times…lets be honest here )

So anyway , apart from the usual routine and the regular know-how , it was very stupefying to come across someone who believed in you.I mean there may be 1000 people who like you,adore you,hate you or envy you but how many do actually believe in you ? It was a total shocker at first but was a complete instigator for someone who did not believe in herself. Life,as we see and face is undeniably made of unexpected circumstances.There comes a phase when you feel that you’ve actually reached the tunnel but there is no light.All you are in the middle of the crepuscule and a blanket of silence encompasses you.So what do you do then? Stand there and whine or make a way out of that tunnel?

I was somehow nearing the tunnel myself & i heard someone say “Heart before head always !!! ” and that gave me the aplomb to start working towards my desire.We desire a lot of things in life but do we really work to effectuate?Like,for me,i may blame the circumstances somehow but deep down I know that its just a phase and I will sail through.Believing in something and desiring to achieve it should be the ultimate motto.

Someone believing in you sure as hell gives you the confidence in believing yourself.Humanity and kindness are probably the factors that lead to the genuine path but also makes sure you cross the path of genuinely honest people.You may not want to listen to the bluntness or openness they speak up but they sure as hell give you the most straightforward and bonafide oration.

Having someone believe in you more than yourself is something you always look up to.Finding motivation and working towards that with dedication is all that matters afterall. We need people who motivate & believe .

Cheers to those who tend to colour the empty slates of others lives with a 1000 different colours !!!!

Also ,i was told – Don’t lose yourself in the chaos that’s it !!!!

And to whoever reading this…

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett 

Until next time !!!

Desire…Follow…Strive !!!

Aishwarya Mane


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