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Adulting can be a grim and so is my existence !!! The very thought I had the first thing when I woke up today and it somehow gave me a depraved vibe. This kind usually doesn’t set the tone right for the rest of the day but made me ponder about a lot of minute details. Do we even live a life to enjoy or just to survive? The human brain can trick us for temporary happiness but can also make-believe in the good, bad and the worst of the vibes. It makes you feel alienated and deprived of happiness just like the dementors. The soul feels as if it is captured by melancholia and guts feel clenched. Clenched by our very own thoughts and the abyss of somber.
So what next?
Overthink and crib or Smile and Let go?
This has become a statement of the youth minds these days, including me, including you.
Anything unexpected can destabilize your mind but the fact to overcome it alone should make you proud. It might feel like it and you might believe, in your current frame of mind, that you’re the only person out there who is going through this, but the fact is, you’re not. And there are people who understand what you’re going through. Take solace in knowing that people do that and genuinely want to help you. Having thoughts like these and hampering your mental peace will do no good. Your health, the aura, your family, the environment around will be affected. We live in a world that worships the theory based on the scientific view of life. The moment we hear or read something enigmatic, remotely spiritual in nature is disdained and looked down upon. One positive thought can help you change your equation towards a lot of things. Staying positively happy and talking it through to your people will only ease the pain and make you even more strong. The world needs healthy and positive minds today and we are the minds.
Believe what YOU feel is right and work towards it if it gives you mental peace and an emotional balance. Love hopelessly and care selflessly for yourself first.The universe finds a way towards good vibes and happy souls !!!

One cup of coffee does make a lot of difference, eh !!

See you soon with a newer perspective some other day.
Until then,
Live, Laugh & Breathe !!!
Aishwarya Mane

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