3am shenanigans

freediver ascending from the depths
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3am’s can be distracting and destructive at the same time. Distracting me from the current reality and destructing my thought process. I suddenly wake up in the midst of a dark place where there is no light. I can only feel my heart beating calmly rather blood pumping calmly without palpitations. Strange to find me in a dark place and be absolutely fine and okay about it. Is it my place? Am I meant to be here or is it just a vivid imagination among this aghast long trail of emptiness around? No one wants to be in a place like this and be okay about it. Why was I then? Why was this darkness meant to be within me and how can I be okay with this? I have heard about 3 am as the time of the ghosts to come and visit but the truth is or at least I have realized is that I let out inner demons take on out thought process and play with it.

I sometimes take me for granted and end up in situations I shouldn’t be having a good and willing heart is sure a blessing but it also has its own bad effects. Getting emotionally attached to a situation and a circumstance in order to be happy for that moment doesn’t help you. It piles up together in your life and then the outburst is bad. Some of us feel that this place is our comfort zone but our feelings are direct ties to our thoughts and the thought process. And your thoughts can create most of the stress in your life. Also, the negative aura that you attract can lead you to a dark place too, but, unfortunately, you can’t always control your surroundings. The good news is that you can control your thoughts and come out happily if you decide too.

I thought the darkness was my dark happy place but the fact was I was trapped in my own thoughts of confusion and chaos. I decided to take control and hold of things one by one. Gain the perspective of certain things and even if I feel that the world around me is a disappointment I become more critical of the people around me and become more critical towards my own self.

smiling woman wearing necklace
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Remember to be tender with yourself on your expedition to find appreciation. It takes time to reprogram your mind to think outside of your murky place. Thankfulness doesn’t always come naturally. It’s a process that needs exercise every day.

Also, I came out of the darkness when I realized that there is light at the end and that was me !!!

Don’t worry, it will take time but we will come out of this…Stronger and Better !!!

Until then,

Live…Laugh..Breathe !!


Aishwarya Mane

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