Surrounded by 4 walls and members that are family,

Conversations sometimes lead to indifference and unanticipated apathy.

The walls talk to me the untold stories of suppressed emotions,

Stranded in a room takes a toil on lot of unsought illusions.

Feelings spur out like an erupted volcano and thoughts of commiseration leads to a blank space,

Life is a bit better in the walls of this slow pace.

A new beginning to a new life is definitely worth the wait,

Let us erase the bad memories and write chapters on a new slate.

Optimism and clarity has got me out of the dark walls,

The same room that was claustrophobic is not the room anymore for dejected bawls.

Let’s step out the darkness and walk fresh in the new world,

Patience is the key, my love, to get out in a more loved world.


Live…Laugh…Breathe !!

Aishwarya Mane

blonde hair blur daylight environment
Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com



Published by Aishwarya Mane

Obstinate Reader...Petulant writer #Caffeine habitué #Carpediem www.instagram.com/ashminirature

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