Season’s Greetings

As we wait for the winter to come, we frantically wait for the bleak October heat to end. Unlike the changing seasons, turns out that humans and relationships tend to change their phases too as they take a step forward to construct or destruct. Over the years, this has definitely taken a turn – either good or bad. The thing to think about is that how the human heart takes time to heal and the brain directs it do so. Healing and hurting at the same time is definitely wearying and sapping but there is a sunrise after every sunset, right? We tend to oversee ourselves in a situation and somehow feel that we can never get out of it – elated. Let me tell you, that’s not true as JK Rowling has quoted it and Sir Albus Dumbledore has said it in the Prisoner of Azkaban that “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

For most of us, we usually are in denial and the fact that no one can get us out of that, except for us can be trapping. Seasons change, the environment changes , the kind of food people consume changes , the clothes they wear , the hot/cold beverages they prefer , the vacation destination changes and there are a lot of other things, right? So, what do we do ?We basically adapt to the changes around ,live it in peace and move on with a positive hope. Now just imagine if we do the same in a relationship or probably with ourselves. I mean , we tend to adjust ourselves basis on the situations around to protect ourselves. Why can’t we do the same in a relation when its probably fading or hitting a patch where there is transformation from hot to cold ? If there are things bothering which are not in our control , all we can do is to hope for the best. Then there are human relationships – either with each other or with your own self but the good part is that we can make things work here. Again , making things work are only for the non-toxic relations ,is worth . Staying in a toxic one and expecting things to get back to normal is just like expecting covid-19 to end after one month of lockdown. Deepak Chopra has quoted that “All great changes are preceded by chaos” so why wait for the storm to calm when you know you are the hurricane.

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Adjusting and settling to a new season and a surrounding may be difficult at first but what we don’t know is that we are in a zone where nothing is constant but change is one . We may feel that the efforts we put in a relationship or to save a relationship is worthless because the person leaves but never realize that the good part is that we tried unlike the other who gave up and walked away. Agreed, relationships do change like seasons these days and that is because people are usually scared if its snows in the midst of a sunny hot summer . It’s up to you whether to make a snowman or not make it in the fear of the sun meting it down.

Stay Safe my lovely readers.

Until next time ,

Live…Love…Positivity…Breathe !!!

Aishwarya Mane

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26 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Comparing people with season is not okay. Seasons are bound to change, people aren’t! Nevertheless, a brilliant attempt to subtly showcase the art of “moving on”.

    Keep writing!!

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    1. Comment much appreciated Dinesh.Seasons are definitely bound to change and relationships these days definitely do too.The whole point was to see in a way that if people change for the seasons and adapt to it,why not adapt the change in every season ? Thank you again ☺️


  2. An exceptionally good article to read and to think over.
    Wonderfully expressed as well.
    Hoping to read more beautiful articles from you in the near future.
    Stay safe.

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  3. Every single analogy, every single thought mentioned about the change, either in terms of life, self or relationship mentioned in this is relatable to the core. Such a masterstroke! Love reading your blog! Keep writing! Always!! ♥️

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