Gratitude is Good and so are you !!

It’s the small things that matter. It is always the minute of the thing and the unexpected smile it gets on my face, my heart and in my mind. My first cup of coffee for the day elevates a different mood altogether with radiance and positivity. Believe it or not all these matters especially in our day to day lives when we are quarantined. The happy heart when you re read the pages of your fav book, the steaming hot dal chawal with your favorite vegetable, the excitement of the parcel , watching any harry potter movie for the nth time – it may be anything but it sure fills my heart with a warmth that sometimes it becomes very difficult to explain that depth of satisfaction and content.

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn’t mean to take.”
― Angela N. Blount, Once Upon an Ever After and that’s exactly what happened with few of my friendships over the years. One such very real person and a special one ;the  life support is what I believe she is. We always have that one person or may be multiple people and which is okay because we share a different bond with every other individual we meet and are a part of our life. The small things, the talks, the meetings, the fun, the cry, the happy days and gloomy days feels we have our person. We always have. What we don’t do enough is appreciate that people like these are rare and they need to be equally loved. You always cannot be at the receiving end  – it’s a two way street,always.

Hey You, this feeling of gratitude and happiness is specially for you to be that important element whenever I wanted.  Thank you for dealing with my incessant texts and calls and at the same time maintaining the sanity of our minds just to balance the ebbs and flows. You are that decision maker and a logical reason giver for validating even the pointless of discussions at times. The sense of having you around makes everything easy and I am glad that such a positive personality is a part of my life and everyone’s infact. You make it easy !!!This was a gratitude post as I have been feeling a lot of things lately and gratitude is definitely topping the list.

If you’ve read this post, please send it to someone you feel should be reading it.

Live,Breathe & Stay Positive !!

Aishwarya Mane

Published by Aishwarya Mane

Obstinate Reader...Petulant writer #Caffeine habitué #Carpediem

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