April May !!

April – noun – the fourth month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the second month of spring(as per the oxford dictionary)

Spring is the time of the year that usually starts in the middle of March for most of the world but April seems to be the exordium to the promised rebirth taking place in the coming months.I am sure most of my readers are sure confused about the title – what does that even mean? Has the blogger lost her calm at home in quarantine? Has she not had enough sleep or the caffeine has probably not kicked in yet.There are so many possibilities in the brain and that in the mind of the reader,right? But hang in there and sit tight because i may have kept you pondering by the end of this article about a lot of wonderful possibilities why April May.

They came on one of April’s most brilliant days–a day as sparkling as a newly-washed lemon…a day when even the shadows were a melange of blue and orange and jade, like the shadows that poured from the tipsy brush of Monet.” – Beverley Nichols

In times like these and the constant lockdowns every now and then there sure are odds where we as humans think about the endless possibilities spending April in the midst of really amazing destinations,vacations,solo trips,exploring food places,working out in gyms,outdoor games,partying,bar hopping,concerts,theatres,movies,operas and a lot of other things that make us feel good,basically anything and everything that has to do with any goddamn outdoor activity,right?

“Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.” – Charles Lamb

Unfortunately this has been our actuality or i can say reality in the past few months.Hence the title,April May !!

It gives me the reasons below to think why April May,be a good month for some self indulgence and trying out something apart from work.It can be hard deciding on what to write, but I’ve made a list of unique April May ideas where i have started doing certain things but no really sure how well they are or how well it will be,but I tried and it was good.

  1. April May have been the month where I started taking my calligraphy lessons.
  2. April May have been the month where I have replaced coffee with coconut water
  3. April May have been the month where I talk about positve affirmations daily
  4. April May have been the months where I walked away from toxic people and situations
  5. April May have been the month where I have realsoed my own worth and started acting accordingly.

Most importantly,

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare

What are your April May’s have done for you?

Live..Breathe…Love !!

Aishwarya M

Published by Aishwarya Mane

Obstinate Reader...Petulant writer #Caffeine habitué #Carpediem www.instagram.com/ashminirature

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